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March Break in the Waterloo Region

Slides. Sleighs. Sweets. Bugs. Oceans. Wizards. And More! WATERLOO REGION, ON – Kids of all ages will be spoiled for choice in Waterloo Region this coming March Break. Expect interesting, fun, unique and even exotic activities from this beautiful part of Southern Ontario. Slides – novice to seasoned skiers and boarders can enjoy all day
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2-960x600-960x710 March 3rd, 2015
Parenting Sports

It’s a Perfect Golf Day!

Baby it’s cold outside…and snowing…and a possible ice storm is on it’s way, but we here at Parent Guide are dreaming about only one thing…that’s right, GOLF! The rolling green fairways, that sound when the club hits the ball at the perfect spot and sends it to land on the green, the fresh air, the
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backpacking February 27th, 2015
My Family Parenting

Planning a Family Vacation

It’s been 24 years since I backpacked through Europe – sleeping in train stations, on park benches, on beaches and in hostels…anywhere that was cheap so I could stay just a bit longer.  I remember camping outside of Rome and chatting with a family of four from London, Ontario who were travelling with their young
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erotic-447691_640 February 20th, 2015
Health Life Lessons Work/Life Balance

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Bear with me this may be long winded, even though I’m out of breath from my new workout. Yes, I worked out this morning…after months and months of procrastination. For 10 years I worked as a fitness coach. Not that into exercise but we owned a gym. Now we don’t and all I do is sit
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