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noria-280x280 July 21st, 2015

Banking on the Future: A Grandmother’s Love

The role of a grandparent is unlike any other in the world. When the baby you love and support and raised has a baby of their own, a new kind of love is born. Dr. Dhun Noria, distinguished Chief of Laboratory Medicine at The Scarborough Hospital, knew that this love also comes with responsibility –
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Copy-of-HAPPY-CANADA-DAY-300x251 July 14th, 2015
Health Pregnancy

Celebrating Cord Blood Awareness Month

July is Cord blood Awareness Month! We couldn’t be happier that a full month has been dedicated to raising awareness about this precious resource and all its potential! To celebrate, we’re offering expecting parents this   limited time promo code to save $50 upon the purchase of cord blood banking for your little one*: Summer50 Not
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Baby-Proofing-Yourself-280x147 July 10th, 2015
Health Pregnancy

Baby Proofing Ourselves

  We’ve all heard of baby proofing the house, but what about baby proofing yourself? Delivering your little one has put a lot of stress on your body. But, now that your baby has arrived, the real work begins! So many of the daily activities that we carry out as parents can take a toll on
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More on Mooning: Babymooning that is…

I hope you got the chance to read my previous blog and enjoyed it enough to continue reading this one. First off I would like to paint a picture of a what a babymoon is, at the core. You and your babe, rest, eat and enjoy the new experience…together. This may mean different things for
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