Homework doesn’t have to be a battle. With the skills, homework can be simple. It’s true that most kids do not like homework, but, with the right skills, homework can be done faster and with fewer struggles.

Some of the most common reasons that students struggle to complete homework include:

  • Lack of understanding or gaps in their learning skills
  • Disorganization
  • Not knowing how to begin
  • Lack of confidence
  • Poor motivation

Homework TIPS

  1. Pay Attention in Class.  In order to understand the homework assignment, students have to understand the lesson during class. This means listening to the teacher, asking questions, and taking proper notes.
  2. Use an Agenda.  Agendas help students prioritize their workflow, organize their time, and keep track of questions to ask the teacher.
  3. Do What Works.  Students need to do whatever works – cracking the books at the couch, at the table, right after school, or after dinner – to help them develop a homework routine that ensures the work gets done.
  4. Do It Consistently.  The brain is wired to develop habits. By being consistent about homework time, students will find themselves getting into the homework groove regularly and effortlessly.
  5. Keep Stuff In One Spot.  Having a place to keep book bags and school supplies helps students get organized, and eliminates time-wasting activities such as searching for a calculator.
  6. Remove Distractions.  Removing distractions is key to getting homework done quickly and correctly. Turn off the TV. Take out the earbuds. Step away from the laptop. If questions require googling, save them until the rest of the homework has been completed.

Written by Oxford Learning Centres

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