(We recommend reading “Connected 5. Set a homework routine early! Parenting” by Jennifer Kolari MSW, Provide a neat, quiet area to work RSW

1. Print out labels that include your child’s name, address, phone number, and emergency contacts. You won’t believe how many times you need to write this out in a year for school trips, permission forms etc. This will save you a lot of time!

2. Label all your child’s clothing and school supplies with their name. Don’t forget those mittens!

3. Use the Planner that is offered at school. This is a great way to stay in touch with your child’s teacher and a way to organize notes and homework going back and forth from school to home.

4. Keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Volunteer in the classroom if you can or set a time to meet with the teacher to discuss your child’s progress.

5. Set a homework routine early! Provide a neat, quiet area to work in and make homework just  one of those things you do every day!

6. Read EVERY day…and everything… comics, recipes, books, magazines, road signs etc.!

7. Take time to talk to your child about their day. Stay connected.

Written by Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services

Updated November 2016

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