Welcome to Parent Guide!  I am so glad you have joined us.  To get the most out of this website, please follow the steps below.  This site is for parents, health care professionals, and service providers working with parents and children.  Professionals are welcome to add their listing information and content and parents are welcome to share experiences with us through blog posts.  I can’t wait to meet you all!

This amazing community is all about sharing, connecting, and learning from each other.  Parenting doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right supports at your fingertips!

1. Register Your Account


Register by clicking “Sign In” on the top right of the website.  Once you register, you are able to like, comment, and rate your favourite listings.


Once you are signed in you can add a profile picture where it says “Edit Profile Picture” from the sign in drop down, and add in your bio from the “Edit Account” link.

2. Choose Your Membership

Click on “Products” and then “Membership Levels”.  Non-profit organizations are free.  For-profit memberships start at $35 per year + tax!

Once you choose your membership, check out by clicking the cart icon at the top right of the website.

3. Add A Listing (if you already have a listing online, go to step #5 below)

Depending on which membership level you chose, you can add either one listing or unlimited listings.  Click on “Add Listing” on the menu to add your listing.  To your listing you can add photos, video, hours, a description and much more!

4. Add A Blog Post

If you chose the Free or Elite Membership, you can add unlimited blog posts to the website throughout the year!  Click on Blog on the top menu bar and then “Add Post”.  Make sure you are posting information that parents need.  I would recommend each post be under 400 words.  Don’t forget to add a featured image!


5. Already Have a Listing? Claim Your Listing!

If you have a listing on our website that has been added by us, you can claim this listing and add photos, video, hours and much more once you have chosen your membership, find your listing by using our Search tool and then click “Claim Listing”.  You will be notified once your claim is approved.  All of your listings and blogs can be found on the top right hand corner of the website where you sign in.


Need More Support?  Email us now at info@parentguide.ca or call us at 1-519-645-7342.