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Play Dough Filled Balloons

Play Dough Filled Balloons

Roll the dough into a sausage shape, ready to fill the balloon. (You need dough roughly the size of a cupcake, too much and it makes it very difficult to tie the balloon).

The next part is easier with two people but if you are doing it alone, stand the play dough sausage so it stands upright, then stretch the balloon open as wide as it will go with both hands and lower it onto the dough, then use your thumbs to push the dough in to the balloon.

Only fill the round part of the balloon, pinch and squeeze out dough that is in the neck part as it will make tying difficult. Also check for air pockets before tying and work these towards the opening.

Add a face with a Sharpie marker, and there’s a great tool for discussing emotions as well as giving those little finger muscles a good workout!

Thank you to: Shelly Hayes Child Care Resource & Referral

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