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Healthy and easy to make snacks for kids

antsonalog March 31st, 2014
Health Recipes

Kids love to snack! When I had my home daycare, it seemed the kids were always hungry and were asking for snacks! For me, it was important to provide healthy, simple snacks that they would eat and that their parents would be OK with (though we did go out for some ice cream on hot and humid summer days).

This week I read an article on one of my favorite blogs about an Australian study which showed that kids who eat fast food had lower IQs than kids eating homemade, a lot more nutritious food (you can read the article here if you are interested). Personally I think this is really true, because even though my two kids were born premature, they are healthy, smart kids because for me it was (and still is) important to nourish them with healthy, homemade foods since they were babies. Plus, it is easier for me to feed them now because they are not as picky (they eat salted herring, for example, raw onions, and sushi, among other things). They do have their taste preferences for sure, like we all do (for example, one daughter only likes mashed potatoes on a shepherd’s pie and would not eat anything white except ice cream), but overall, they are used to different tastes.

Here are some ideas for healthy and simple snacks that I wanted to share today. Just know that if your family is starting to eat more healthy, do not despair if kids will fight you first. For them, it requires about seven times to try some food in order to get used to it (though of course some foods they will always hate, and that is OK).  Keep offering new foods, put them on the counter and table, eat them yourself, and leave the processed foods at the store.


Natural yogurt sweetened with a teaspoon of maple syrup or honey, and dessicated unsweetened coconut. I pack this in a little container for school snacks as well.

Ants on a log – celery stuffed with nut or seed (tahini or sunflower) butter, with raisins (or even chocolate chips for a treat) on top. My daughter asks for this snack all the time!

Cheese, healthier crackers, and grapes

Carrots, red pepper slices, and some nut or seed butter as a dip. It is really nice to have cut up veggies in the fridge in one container, this makes sure they will be eaten because they don’t have to be prepared every day!

Apples slices sprinkled with cinnamon

Toast with nut or seed butter, some honey and banana slices on top (I read somewhere it was Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich)

Toast with shredded cheese and melted under the broiler for a minute or so

Pepperettes (I like the kind they sell in health foods stores)

Homemade  popcorn with pepper, turmeric, sea salt and butter or coconut oil.  Sometimes I make caramel popcorn for treats using raw cane sugar and real butter (from a local Indian store).

We like smoothies too – blueberry, cocoa powder, maple syrup and kefir or yogurt and water are one of our favorites. The kids ask for this when they are feeling sick and do not want to eat anything else.

Thank you for sharing with you, and I would love to know what kind of healthy and easy snacks are your kids’ favorites?




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I am a holistic nutritionist in Kitchener-Waterloo who is also offering personal cooking services to new moms and busy families. I love stocking families’ fridges with homemade food and making their lives a little bit less busy and a lot more healthy. You can read more blog posts on my website


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