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“Your guide is so very helpful and appreciated by families.  Our staff promote it as one of the very best resources for new parents so I would say to keep on doing what you are doing.”
Donna K, Cambridge Family Early Years Centre

“I have a new amazing business partner who is just off and running in her own business, and she found me on!!  So thanks so much!!  She has completely changed my business and is a breath of fresh air on my team!!  Awesome!!”
Chantelle M.

“The Nurse from the Health Unit gave it (the New Parent Resource Guide) to me at my home visit.  At that point, I was loving being a first time mother but honestly was struggling in many areas.  I was one of those women who said, “What?  They don’t come with a manual?” This was the closest thing to it.  The guide saved my sanity as it was a quick resource to check, double check and triple check many things. It answered so many of my questions for both my husband and I, we were able to relax knowing the answers were just at our finger tips (so PS, its great for supportive husbands as well!).  It is a permanent fixture on our coffee table!  LOL!”
Danielle M.

“That is a fantastic site! My family thanks you very much for sharing!”
Scott C.

“Thank you Jen…Our staff really utilize the guides by sharing them with parents who bring their children to storytime.”
Bonita S., Windsor Public Library

“As a Manager with the Healthy Babies Healthy Children program in Windsor-Essex, I receive many comments from staff on the importance of up-to-date information for parents in a format that is attractive and easy to read. The New Parent Resource Guide provides this vehicle. It contains current information on topics of interest to parents. The information is written by Health Units and other reliable sources. The guide is updated annually. Jennifer and her crew are so easy to work with, it’s a pleasure!”
Shirley D., MScN Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

“I had a baby in 2006, and loved your New Parent Resource Guide. I have just recently had another baby and was wondering if your guides are still in print, and if so, where I could obtain a 2008 version?”
Shae H.

“About two years ago, while pregnant with my daughter, I was given a copy of your New Parent Resource guide. It has been a invaluable resource in my house with information that, at the time, I didn’t even know I needed! I only have one problem. My guide has, for lack of a better word, died. I’ve used it almost daily for two years and it has finally bit the dust. Is there any way you can send me a new one for the current year? Or tell me when I can pick one up? Like I said, this book has been a godsend! and I don’t know what I’m going to do without it. So please, help a mom out! Thanks so much!”
Whitney B.

“Advertising with Parent Guide has worked well for me.  It targets my exact audience, and continuously results in several enrolments for classes. Highly recommend!”
–Orly Tennant – Director of Kindermusik at the JCC & Kindermusik with Orly

“I received the book today, thank you ever so much, can I go to the Ontario Early Years and pick up more?  I want to thank you for such a fabulous job, my boss and I are thrilled at the outcome  it is fabulous! Thanks again.”
Barbara P., Sault Community Career Centre

“I am the office administrator at a Midwives office for Lambton-Kent County.  We hand them out to our clients on a regular basis.”
Dayna S., Midwifery Services of Lambton-Kent

“I would recommend this guide to any parent, grandparent, caregiver or family member. I used just about every single section of the book!”
Whitney B.

“Thanks for sending the Parent Guide out my way. It looks fantastic! Very happy…appreciate all of your hard work.”
Sara U., business owner

“I absolutely love your comprehensive guide; it’s simply the best tool that I’ve used throughout my pregnancy. It has been invaluable to my husband and I as we prepared to have our first child.”
Nina B.