How we got started….

The Birth…

Welcome to parenthood! You have just been through the most wonderful and emotional experience of your life. You look at your new baby and think, “Now what do I do?” You are not the only one asking this question. Do not worry and do not be afraid to ask for help.

I am the mother of two beautiful children. When my first daughter was born I thought life would continue on as before. I would have no trouble breastfeeding or changing diapers. I would have lots of time to get things done around the house. About two hours home from the hospital I realized none of the above would be easy. It soon became clear to me that I did not have all the answers. Parenthood knowledge does not come with the delivery. I spent a lot of time researching all the choices I had to make as a new parent. Hence, the New Parent Resource Guide was born. Local resources, important facts and tips, great web sites, charts and much more are included on this website, just for you, so you can spend more time with your new baby.

Growing Up…

Years later, concerns change as our children enter the school system. The School Age Resource Guide is full of resources for parents of school-age children. This new and exciting addition to our family of resources assists not only parents, but teachers, health care professionals, service providers and yes, even teenagers. Included on this site is an A-Z list of contacts to address a range of concerns, and articles covering topics including: bullying, self-esteem, physical activity, literacy and much more. Taking you from Junior Kindergarten readiness to teenage support, this site is a must read for every family member!

Always There For You…

Since 2001, we have been building, re-building, adding new services, and an easier navigation system to our website –  Bringing it all together is our most recently updated website built just for you.  Please take the time to explore, connect and share!  We can’t wait to meet you!!!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Parent Guide Inc., we provide a unique opportunity for parents to access vital parenting information when they need it most.  Available in print and online, our company offers timely editorial and tips, as well as an up-to-date LOCAL and NATIONAL directory, for parents of children, 0-18 years. Our editorial is written and edited by the top parenting experts in the country.  Our directory contains an up-to-date list of businesses and organizations that offer PROGRAMS, PRODUCTS, and SERVICES for families.  This all-in-one resource is a must-have for every new family.

Our Vision

At Parent Guide Inc., Community is the focus of our business. We reach parents when they need information the most. We provide a cost-effective and targeted marketing plan for local businesses and organizations. We continue to expand and enhance our publications by knowing our customer and providing quality publications and service. We excel by surrounding ourselves with a team of professional, caring individuals. We support our community.

Our Community Commitment

It is our commitment to you that we will continue to provide parents with FREE resource guides in the communities that we serve. We will be distributing free guides, assisting parents of children, 0-18 years of age.

As caring and responsible members of the community, we are actively involved with positive community programs and initiatives designed at improving the health and wellbeing of families on a local and a national level.

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Explore, Connect, Share! The all-in-one website for busy parents.  The website offers a Canadian directory for parents of children, 0-18 years of age. On this site you will find businesses and organizations that offer programs, products and services for families. Search the online directory, download a free guide, read timely articles, add your own blog and connect with others. Updated daily.

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