That is the question Shakespeare would ask!

Is it safe to have your feet massaged when you are pregnant?

Answer :

Yes. In fact, it is exactly what you need to include when you get your full body massage when you are pregnant. Your feet have to shoulder more weight when you are pregnant. They get tired more easily and the legs and feet are more prone to swelling, especially in the summer time heat. Over the  years of my career this subject has been brought up a few times.

Example : A new expectant mother wants to start massage therapy treatments and come regularly to plan to try to take care of herself as much as possible during this time in her life. She states ” My husband wanted me to let you know to not include feet in the massage treatment because it will induce labour. ” WOW, as an RMT you definitely do not want to do anything contra-indicated that would harm a person, let alone induce labour accidentally.

So, where does this serious subject matter arise from?

We tend to have a desire to educate ourselves as much as possible about a subject to prepare and make informed choices, which is a good thing. This subject stems from the theory of reflexology. If you are over due and want to help induce labour, there are certain areas (spots) on the leg and foot that if concentrated on massaging/pressing for a few minutes is known to help in this process.

If you want to research the percentage of success or how long it would take, talk to a midwife or reflexologist who deal with this every day to ask their experience. The key point is concentrated intention on these spots for ‘x’ amount of time. Do not deprive yourself of a regular full foot massage for fear of inducing labour.

Enjoy !

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