Happy New Year ….. to all you beautiful pregnant and non pregnant beings of  the world wide web ! Pregnant ? Massage Therapy Is The Place To Be ! Pass the word along ! The famous question . . . Can I receive a massage when I am pregnant? Yes, yes, yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone are the days when there was a question to a women being touched while “with child”.

We have so many wonderful opportunities today and support available like incorporating massage therapy treatments into your prenatal experience. Some women absolutely love being pregnant and gift the precious stages of their pregnancy and tie it with a big, red, glistening bow. While others, are truly grateful, but may struggle with certain symptoms that come along as a package deal. No matter what your experience, the physical and mental benefits of massage therapy are UNDENIABLE!

Here are a few snap shot points. It assists the mother to be with the many changes that happen throughout the different stages of her pregnancy relieving pain in muscles and joints especially hip/lowback/neck; helping you sleep better, breath easier and preparation for delivery. It increases energy, elevates your mood and promotes relaxation ….. your secret survival tool ! You are only pregnant once, twice, perhaps three or four times in your life. Now is the time to do anything that will lift your spirits and give you that extra support you need at this time in your life. You may say, well I do not have work benefits coverage for massage therapy and am low in cash. No Problem !!! This is where gifts come in. Your friends and family would love to know a practical gift you could make use of and appreciate. Just ask. The people that love you want to support you. Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day ……… Mothers Day ……….. for the new mom to be !

If you are in the Kitchener area, give me a call ! 519~744~7001.

Looking Forward To Taking Care Of  YOU Through Massage Therapy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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