Every mothers breastfeeding journey is different. One of the key factors in a successful breastfeeding realationship. Is the support provided by those people closest. The best way to support the nurser in your life is to learn their wishes. Once you know the goals you will know the type of encouragment needed. Here are some things to consider….

  • Learn about the breastfeeding process! Google: Mastitis, Hand Expression, IBCLC, Dr. Jack Newman, The “Let down”, Football hold and, What a breastfed babies poop likes like!
  • Ensure hydration by refilling water bottles, preparing and encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Understand pharmacy online the need for long periods viagra of skin on skin and be sensitive to the biological processes taking place between mother and child
  • Serve meals in bed and clear nesting area of dishes, laundry and other http://pharmacy-online-canada24d.com/buy-floxin.php debris
  • Offer to provide babe with some skin on skin, to free mom up to have a shower while still covering babes biological needs
  • Be empathetic to how the Mother expresses any discomfort
Problems arise?
  • Encourage mom to seek support and learn about different options BEFORE suggesting supplementing or offering a bottle
  • Make sure there are cold compresses in the freezer for sore swollen breasts
  • Provide coconut oil for sore nipples and ask mom how the babies latch looks and if she’s comfortable at least once a day!
  • Find local resources in the bags of free stuff you received while still pregnant, especially if she’s feeling defeated!
Breastfeeding is no doubt a natural, but trying task. Honouring the natural process while considering the enviroment and circumstances can help support the nurser in your life. If you want to learn more about the biological process and spend quality time with your mom to be, plan a Baby mooning Picnic with The Doula Chef. http://www.thedoulachef.com/babymooning-picnic/


The Doula Chef

I am a DONA trained birth doula and culinary veteran. I am the mother 2 young boys and love every minute of it. I am the oldest child of four, to an amazing, strong women. My mother taught me the importance of strong support networks and gentle care. Her struggles taught me to live life passionatly and do what I love. I have discovered a strong passion for assisting women to feel empowered and be informed during the birthing process. The birth of a child creates an entirely new dynamic for everyone involved. I believe birth, and the time surrounding it is sacred. I trust in the female body to birth children naturally, while always honouring a women’s right to make choices in childbirth. “The power is not in the plan itself, but the education you gain creating it.” In 2009, I completed the Culinary Management Program at Fanshawe College. I have over 15 years experience in the food industry, including in home catering and meal planning. Welcoming a new baby takes a lot of preparation. Birth preparation, labour support as well as, postpartum care of Mom and babe. My skills and passion lead me to becoming The Doula Chef. My goal is to provide a mother with the birth she wants, and families with food for healing. Leaving them more time to connect and readjust. My passion and experience aid me in nurturing women and nourishing families, helping everyone to savour the moment.

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