That’s like a midwife right?
What do you do?
Oh…. for like people who want to do it at home and such?
Do you stay for the whole thing?
So where did you go to school?
NO, we will not be catching babies as a doula. In fact, doulas play no part in your clinical care at all. The best way to look at it is, we work from the waist up. Our concern is your hearts true feelings, and your state of mind.
A doula assists in preparing for childbirth and help to provide pain relief and coping methods through out labour. Some examples of this include, positions, counter pressure and massage. Part of a doulas roll is to also guide partners in this, providing calm direction and ongoing support.
A doula is not just for someone wishing to achieve a home or all natural approach to their birth. There to support the labouring persons wishes and provide information and resources. A doula is for all expecting people, at home, in hospital, with or without the use of alternative pain relief.
YES, your doula will stay by the labouring persons side for the duration of active labour and birth. This moment will forever be etched into memory. The hope is that we can bring a sense of calm support to your labour, encouraging a positive experience. Start to finish.
You don’t go to school to be a doula. In fact, as of now, anyone can be a doula. There is no governing body and each certification company has their own curriculums, standards of practice, recertification requirements and length of study.
To be a doula one must only commit to each birthing experience and continue to grow and study. Learn in a variety of settings and subjects related to birth support, while maintaining a balance with their own lives.
If you are interested in knowing more about hiring a doula or becoming a doula, please feel free to contact me.
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The Doula Chef

I am a DONA trained birth doula and culinary veteran. I am the mother 2 young boys and love every minute of it. I am the oldest child of four, to an amazing, strong women. My mother taught me the importance of strong support networks and gentle care. Her struggles taught me to live life passionatly and do what I love. I have discovered a strong passion for assisting women to feel empowered and be informed during the birthing process. The birth of a child creates an entirely new dynamic for everyone involved. I believe birth, and the time surrounding it is sacred. I trust in the female body to birth children naturally, while always honouring a women’s right to make choices in childbirth. “The power is not in the plan itself, but the education you gain creating it.” In 2009, I completed the Culinary Management Program at Fanshawe College. I have over 15 years experience in the food industry, including in home catering and meal planning. Welcoming a new baby takes a lot of preparation. Birth preparation, labour support as well as, postpartum care of Mom and babe. My skills and passion lead me to becoming The Doula Chef. My goal is to provide a mother with the birth she wants, and families with food for healing. Leaving them more time to connect and readjust. My passion and experience aid me in nurturing women and nourishing families, helping everyone to savour the moment.

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