Once you have given birth to a new child everything changes. Regardless if it is your first or last. The transition from individual, couple or family to include one more, is challenging. The identity that existed is altered and a new learning curve emerges. How you plan to take on this period of time can make a big difference.

After the birth of my first baby I would use the word shocking to explain those first few weeks. All of a sudden everything as you know it, changes. The experience is almost impossible to explain in words. No one can ever imagine the shock that lives alive, inside of you after the birth of your first child. Until you have experienced this transition you can not relate. Simple as that. In an effort to “go with the flow” I had little plans this time round. I quickly learned what worked and what didn’t. I knew next time it would be different. I knew next time I would speak my truth, I would plan my rest and I would enjoy good food!

After the birth of my second son the experience can only be explained as blissful. I spent a great majority of my time healing from birth, just as I imagined. My baby and I spent our time together bonding and learning about one another. I nursed and slept. I ate great food and I worked on the launch of my business. This was possible because of two things. One, I had a better idea of what to expect. Not only from baby, but myself, my family and visitors. Two, I followed through with my vision and had support to do so. I stretched my baby-moon out as long as I could. After 4 months of postpartum bliss I crept out of the fog. I felt like a new women. I was full of love, admiration and determination. I also had a vision and new unique business to offer my community.

Not many people think about what they are going to do once the baby is born. They assume it will be sleepless, tiring, exhausting, painful – anything but blissful. What is there to plan? You feed, change, sleep, clean, eat, repeat. But there is so much more. Nothing that will add to the labour but instead compliment it. You know what you are obligated to do. But do you know about the fun? The learning? The daily gift that is available for you? Have you considered planning your postpartum time? Your baby-moon?

What is a Baby-moon?

The Baby-moon mirrors that of a traditional honeymoon, but between parents and babe. A time for expressing love and connecting to one another. A time to rest, relax, eat good food and feel good too! The baby-moon involves the whole family and often lasts approx. 6 weeks. The goal during this time is to have all mom and babes needs met. A Baby-moon encourages the biological nurturing between parent and child. This nurturing of the family unit will increase the stability, trust and satisfaction of everyone involved. Planning your postpartum in the same way you plan a honeymoon provides room for great expectations.

Everyones Baby-moon plan will be different. The first step is wrapping your head around this simple idea. Postpartum is a period of time, not a state of mind. Your postpartum can be blissful. Don’t get me wrong, it will still be shocking, exhausting and challenging. But, it can also be invigorating, inspiring and blissful!

There are lots of things to consider when planning your moon. Such as, who is invited? What will you eat?  What activities do you want to do? What supplies will you need? Like a honeymoon you will plan to spend your days relaxing, eating good food and enjoying the environment around you. Your plan is unique to you and your support team. And guess what else… You deserve every bit of it!

If you would like to learn more about planning a blissful postpartum consider booking a Baby-moon Picnic with The Doula Chef.

The Baby-moon Picnic is a one-on one consult, ideal for people in any stage of their pregnancy. It’s never to early to start planning! We will interact, and learn techniques for communicating to family and friends. As well as creating a deeper connection with your partner or support person. You will enjoy a healthy, delicious picnic with your support person. You will be provided with a folder containing worksheets, information and the rough draft of your very own Baby-mooning Plan! Used properly, it can help guide your family and support network through this transition. All the information is provided for you to take home and implement immediately.



The Doula Chef

I am a DONA trained birth doula and culinary veteran. I am the mother 2 young boys and love every minute of it. I am the oldest child of four, to an amazing, strong women. My mother taught me the importance of strong support networks and gentle care. Her struggles taught me to live life passionatly and do what I love. I have discovered a strong passion for assisting women to feel empowered and be informed during the birthing process. The birth of a child creates an entirely new dynamic for everyone involved. I believe birth, and the time surrounding it is sacred. I trust in the female body to birth children naturally, while always honouring a women’s right to make choices in childbirth. “The power is not in the plan itself, but the education you gain creating it.” In 2009, I completed the Culinary Management Program at Fanshawe College. I have over 15 years experience in the food industry, including in home catering and meal planning. Welcoming a new baby takes a lot of preparation. Birth preparation, labour support as well as, postpartum care of Mom and babe. My skills and passion lead me to becoming The Doula Chef. My goal is to provide a mother with the birth she wants, and families with food for healing. Leaving them more time to connect and readjust. My passion and experience aid me in nurturing women and nourishing families, helping everyone to savour the moment.

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