Bear with me this may be long winded, even though I’m out of breath from my new workout. Yes, I worked out this morning…after months and months of procrastination. For 10 years I worked as a fitness coach. Not that into exercise but we owned a gym. Now we don’t and all I do is sit on my butt working on my computer. Surprise, surprise I’ve gained weight. About 10lbs. (she’s lying, it’s 14lbs). I am not happy and nothing fits. On a daily basis I beat myself up …about not going to the gym or at least climbing on the treadmill that’s collecting dust upstairs.

Then I got a post from The Girls Mean Business. Claire, who has a very successful business, talking about not doing what you don’t want to do. She decided even though “they” say it’s essential to network, she doesn’t like it and stopped doing it to do the things she enjoys, like podcasts. Makes sense that she’ll be more successful putting her energy in areas that make her feel good, right.

It got me thinking not only about my business, but personally. I don’t like going to the gym, especially in the winter time, and the treadmill bores me to tears. Well, it would if I did it.

What do I like? Music. Love music. And dancing. Love dancing. So this morning I dug out a stepper because I enjoyed step class, way back when. And I just had the funest workout!! 25 minute, just like that *(snapped my fingers). I feel so good, I can’t wait to do it again. I even did some stretching at the end.

Lesson learned? The hell with what “they” say you should be doing and do what YOU want to do. Getting these 10…okay, 14lbs off, seems doable now. I’m a happy girl today!

p.s.  I was singing too.  Definitely a workout for when hubby isn’t around. lol!



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