I recently joined a busy bag exchange with some home daycare providers. It inspired me to go nuts and make a bunch for my little guys!

Here is Bag # 3- Colour Parking Garage & Shape Roads
car car2 car3 car4

A bag- You can use a baggy, or a bucket, or even put them in a binder. I found these at the dollar store and love them.
Cars in all colours-hit up the dollar store, or wait for them to go on sale! (note it was not super easy finding pink and purple… clearly not popular car colours)
A few print outs- mine are double sided and laminated. I’ll include the below- it’s not perfect but my guys love it!

Learning aspects: (Everyone will have a different experience with every activity- everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way.)
Colours, matching, shapes, fine motor, gross motor…

Printables: Colour Parking GarageRoad Track Hexroad track diamond Road, Track Hex


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