Why do I keep experiencing miscarriage and loss? Why do I experience infertility? Maybe I’m one of THOSE girls. Maybe I’m a hardcore smoker, maybe a bit of a drinker, maybe I dazzle in drugs, maybe I fail to keep a healthy diet, maybe I eat junk and grease and sweets, maybe I do not exercise enough, or maybe I exercise too much, maybe I fail to take care of myself, maybe I fail to take my vitamins, maybe I fail to drink a good amount of water, maybe I’m just too stupid to have a baby, maybe I use over the counter medicines that are harmful to a fetus, maybe I do not get enough rest, maybe my life is too stressful, maybe I’m too old, maybe I just do not deserve a baby and happiness, maybe Karma is getting back at me for my horrible life and my poor choices… maybe… just maybe some day people will realize (myself included) I did nothing wrong. I did none of these and have experienced miscarriage and infertility over and over again. MAYBE we can stop the stigma.


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