Its a topic that nobody ever want to talk about, but probably needs to be discussed more! I feel the more it’s discussed, the more we can cut down on it spreading. Have you ever had to deal with it? It sucks, not going to lie! But, there is help. Did you know there are companies like mine out there who can help you deal with these nasty little bugs? Here is my website if you want to stop reading here and check it out. I have decided to chat about it today because I have had an increase in calls lately. Guess everyone is doing their post March break check…good! First off, when you find it, DON’T PANIC! They are easier to get rid of than you realize. Most people do overkill, not necessary. If you have confirmed that it is in fact head lice, get a pesticide free, enzyme based product. Very important you have a product that not only works, but isn’t harmful to your child. Once you have done that, get the Terminator comb!! The Terminator comb is the best possible comb for the job. It has little grooves in the teeth. These grooves will pull the nit (egg) out by the tail. Don’t ever use the comb without conditioner, it will hurt! I don’t care what product it is or what it says, one treatment is never enough! At Lice Pro we treat four times, five days apart. This is based on the lifecycle of the louse. By the end of the fourth treatment, (providing you have done environmental cleaning) there should be no more head lice. It works, I have had many happy customers! Most home remedies don’t work. I have tried many myself as well as others I know. Based on all of our experiences, I wouldn’t waste your money. This is just my opinion. Environmental cleaning is easy. Put it in the dryer for minimum 30 minutes (sheets, pillow cases, pillows, hats, coats whatever else you can think of). If it can’t go in the dryer, vacuum it (mattress, couch). If you can’t put it in the dryer or vacuum it, (a really old stuffy that may get damaged) bag it and put it aside for 2-3 days. Lice can’t live for more than 24-48 hours without a blood meal. Me being the paranoid mother, I wait 3 full days before I use these items again, lol. Also, don’t put it where it is cold, you will preserve the bug. Once you bring it back into the warmth, you will have the same problems again. Remember, they have a waxy coating on them, heat will remove the waxy coating that protects them. Based on the cost of products out there, it can get quite costly. Please consider coming to see me. I offer head lice removal for $100/head. That includes all four treatments and there is no tax 🙂 I will also share my experience with you. That way if you ever need to deal with it again, you can be better armed. I am currently trying to get into some schools to offer free head checks. If I am at your child’s school, feel free to stop by, say hi and as always ask me any questions you may have. If you don’t want to comment or ask in person, I welcome you to send me an email Promise, I don’t bite, but the bugs do 😉 Have a GREAT day!! (519)239-9909


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