What do you do for March Break?  Any traditions, do the kids go to a sitter or do you go somewhere?

At our house it can be very busy!!  Along with head lice removal I have also provided daycare for 12+ years.  Depending what kids come and the weather we can do all kinds of things, see we live in the country on 24 acres.  One of the things I have been considering doing with kids this year is a sugar bush tour.  I was fortunate enough to learn how maple syrup was made when I was growing, I would like my kids to have the same opportunity.  We don’t have many maples in our bush so it makes it hard to do it at home.

Anyone else have any great ideas for March break…I am listening, lol.

Along with head lice removal and daycare, I also sew filling contracts.  I am currently making teething mitts for babies.  They are the neatest little thing.  I wish they had them when my kids were small.  If anyone wants the link to that, let me know.  They really save on baby’s skin.

Once I find out what kids I have, I can plan March Break a little better.  I know, nothing like leaving it until last minute.  In the meantime, I will continue to pick bugs, watch kids and sew like crazy!!

Hopefully I can blog next week, if not, the kids may have taken over.  The joys of March Break!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!


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