When looking for quality child care for your family, there are a number of important questions to ask yourself and any potential child care provider. Below are helpful questions and qualities to help you make an informed choice.

Questions to help clarify your needs and priorities:

  • Do I need full or part-time care?
  • Do I need care for more than one child?
  • What can I afford to pay each month?
  • Am I eligible for child care free subsidy?
  • Do I prefer centre or home-based care?
  • Is the program licensed?
  • What program hours do I require?
  • Do I want a program that is close to school, home or work?
  • Do I want to participate in my child’s program?

Qualities to look for in an early childhood educator/caregiver:

  • Warm, affectionate, responsive, open and informative
  • Understands how children grow and learn
  • Provides a stable and stimulating environment
  • Supports my child’s emotional social, intellectual and physical well-being
  • Seeks out community resources and support
  • Willing to develop common goals with me for my child
  • Engages in ongoing professional development
  • Registered with the college of Early Childhood Education

Characteristics of a quality child care setting:

  • Clean, safe and secure, both indoors and outdoors
  • Caring  and comfortable learning environment
  • Appropriate number of children with each adult
  • Space for quiet and active times, indoor and outdoor play
  • A balance of interesting activities
  • Flexible yet predictable daily routine
  • Variety of easily available toys and equipment
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Children are happy and engaged in activities
  • Environment reflects the diversity of children , families and culture within the program

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