Hey all, I am the new girl on the block here and I would like to discuss head lice.  I know YUCK!!  Please feel free to scratch your head while I ramble on.  I have a pesticide free head lice removal business, Lice Pro.  Not only will I rid you of head lice, I will share all my wisdom with you.  Feel free to check out my website here www.licepro.ca.

Some of the products you buy from the pharmacy may not work.  Lice will still be live or you may think they are dead, then later, be running around again.  Not to mention how harsh some products can be.  I have a pesticide free product that works, and I have used it on all kinds of people and they have never complained about this it.  My youngest client was 18 months.  Also, you want to get a good comb, I recommend the Terminator comb.  I sell them ($25 cash), but not sure where else you can buy them locally.  You can order one off the internet, but if you have already found lice, you don’t want to wait for it to be shipped.

My fee is $100/head cash only.  This will include all four treatments needed to get rid of these nasty little bugs.

I am always here ready to answer your questions.  If you have ANY questions about head lice, please don’t hesitate!!  I was in your position once and now I am in the position to help.

Remember with all this cold weather, and kids still wearing hats, get them to tuck their hats inside the sleeve of their coat, that way no bugs can crawl on it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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