You may never actually see these in a letter to Santa but believe me, this is what children REALLY want. Good news, it doesn’t cost a dime!

Unconditional love – Embrace me for who I am, not who you expect me to be. Let me wear mismatched socks, dye my hair green, or have a bad day and be cranky. If I’m a boy who plays with dolls or a girl who plays football accept it instead of judging me. I am special and unique, encourage that.

Cherish your time with me – I am young for such a short time; time that will go by quickly. One day you will miss the bald spot in the grass from my swing, my climbing into bed to cuddle with you in the middle of the night, and even my pout. Enjoy me while you can.

Give me choices – It makes me happy and helps me to grow up to be capable and independent. It can be as simple as choosing between two cereals, the clothes I wear or caterpillar gut green color for my room.

Be patient with me – I’m doing the best I can and sometimes it just takes me longer than you would like. If I’m a slow poke, allow me more time. If I have too much energy, find an outlet for me. If I constantly challenge you, talk to me to find out why.

Have a sense of humor – Yes, I need to learn not to shave the cat, but a good laugh never hurts.

Spend time with me – I love to be read to, imaginary play: setting up tents or dressing like Ninjas, and doing grown up things with you, like painting the fence.

Mom and Dad to treat each other with kindness and respect – You both mean the world to me and I know you don’t always agree with each other but I feel safe and secure when you are a united, caring front.

Teach me independence – Let me do things for myself and gradually allow me to be more independent as I grow older. I know it takes patience, I believe I mentioned that earlier, but it makes me feel good and builds my self-confidence.

Learn to say a “firm no” – I know you don’t believe this one but I need you to set boundaries for me, it makes me feel more secure. Teach me that your “no” is firm but only say “no” when you really feel it’s a boundary you need to set.

Medals for my parents – They deserve them, I can be a handful!


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I’m a former nurse, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner who provides holistic alternatives for childbirth and healing. My goal is for babies to be welcomed into the world in a kind and loving manner; and to raise awareness of the benefits and power of energy medicine. So happy to share some time with you! Come visit my website: Like me on Facebook:       

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