Who Do Voodoo?

I don’t do voodoo but I do work magic; I can turn skeptics into believers! The way I do it has nothing to do with witches brew or eye of newt. I do Therapeutic Touch, a healing modality that combines several ancient healing practices. Simply, the energy in my hands helps clear the energy blockages in your body.

I know it sounds like voodoo, but research and experience have shown that Therapeutic Touch is effective in eliciting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety, changing the perception of pain, facilitating the body’s natural restorative process, and bringing about an improved sense of well-being. (1)

My healing sessions are a half or full hour. You remain fully clothed. Depending on your preference, Therapeutic Touch can be done with no physical touching, or with light touch on the shoulders, arms and legs. I do the session with you sitting or lying down.

My husband, Fred, tells me I shouldn’t act so surprised that it works. He thinks I should project a confident air of, “I knew it would work”. But I can’t help myself. When someone suffering, sometimes for years, tells you their pain is gone, how can you NOT jump for joy!!

I understand you might be skeptical but Therapeutic Touch is taught and practiced throughout the world, including at numerous universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. It is accepted in the policies and procedures of an increasing number of health care institutions worldwide and as an intervention in a number of Ontario hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and clinics. (1)

Perfectly Natural is dedicated to providing holistic, safe and gentle alternatives for childbirth and healing through HypnoBirthing and Therapeutic Touch. I am passionate about them both. They bring comfort and pain relief to my clients.

See my website for more information about Therapeutic Touch or HypnoBirthing. The testimonials are amazing. http://www.chooseperfectlynatural.com/

If you would like to try TT for pain or relaxation, mention this blog and I will give you the first half hour free. Let me make you a believer. I promise, no voodoo!!

(1) Therapeutic Touch Network Ontario newsletter, in touch, in the Autumn, 2010 edition. Linda Pearce is a Recognized Practitioner of the TTNO.


Come visit my

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website: www.ChoosePerfectlyNatural.com

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I’m a former nurse, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner who provides holistic alternatives for childbirth and healing. My goal is for babies to be welcomed into the world in a kind and loving manner; and to raise awareness of the benefits and power of energy medicine. So happy to share some time with you! Come visit my website:  www.ChoosePerfectlyNatural.com Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PerfectlyNaturalHypnoBirthing       

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