It is hard to believe the Holiday Season is upon us! I was able to go out the other week with Liam to Springwater and snap some photos (see above). But as you can see, I was late, and the leaves had fallen already.

Sure enough on our walk through the woods, Liam wanted to be Mr. Independent, do his own thing, and not listen. These terrible twos have really kicked in lately. Like all toddlers, when he doesn’t get his way, he cries and sometimes even throws himself on the ground. And this trip was no exception to that! So what is a new mom to do?!?

The only two things I find that is helping is ignoring his tantrums, unless of course they carry on for far too long. OR distracting him. Since he is obsessed with Thomas the Train, quite often I will talk about Thomas, and ask him about the other trains during his tantrum and it works sometimes. I guess it depends on how mad he really is 🙂

If you have any advice, or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Lynnsey Gheysen-Murray

As a mother to an active toddler, and a small business owner, my life gets pretty crazy. OK, a lot crazy! Follow me through this blog, as I express my thoughts on life, parenting, and business.

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