Feeding baby with breast milk in most cases is ideal – moms want to make sure their bundles of joy are getting the best source of nutrition possible. However, there are times when mom isn’t able to breast feed. A newborn’s feeding schedule can be quite unpredictable and there are times when mom might need to leave baby with a caregiver.

Philips AVENT wants to make life easier for the busy moms out there, so for times like these, Philips AVENT created their most comfortable breast pumps yet. Here is some information on the new line of Comfort Breast Pumps:

  • There is no need to lean forward – the soft massage cushion gently stimulates flow and lets Mother Nature do the rest
  • Combining breast and bottle feeding becomes a breeze with the BPA-free Natural bottle which features a wide breast-shaped nipple (included)
  • Using, storing and transporting are easy with the unique lightweight design of the Philips AVENT breast pumps
  • Assembly is intuitive – easy visual matching of parts for simple assembly
  • Cleaning is hassle-free – the small number of separate parts are entirely dishwasher safe

Have you tried any of the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pumps yet? Please share your comments below.Long Evening Dresses UK



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