noun: super-food
  1. a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being


The best way to describe super foods is that they are food that serve more than just one purpose.

They happily provide multiple disease-fighting nutrients, they fill you up in a way that lets you enjoy plenty of them without worrying about excess calories, and, best of all, they are super easy to add to your  everyday meals in order to boost the nutrients and quality of whatever it is you’re serving!

This list is by no means all of the super foods that are out there but I’m hoping that by introducing you to these first 5 ~ it will show you just how accessible these foods are (you may even already be eating them) and get you interested in learning more about them.


1. Avocado

They are full of omega-3 fats and I love to hide them in ‘chocolate’ frosting, blend them into smoothies and bake them into muffins.


2. Hemp Seeds

These little gems are a complete protein and can be sprinkled on and stirred into almost anything – yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, cereal and granola.


3. Cacao Nibs

These are full of magnesium, iron and fiber and your kids will love them as is but you can add them to their smoothies, bake them into banana muffins or sprinkle them on top of banana slices that are smothered in almond butter. Yum!


4. Coconut

Coconut helps to balance blood sugar, improve digestion and it contains lauric acid (kills harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses) and, like cacao nibs, most kids love it, but, if they don’t, it can be hidden in smoothies, the oil can be used in your baking and cooking and it can be added to homemade energy bars, muffins and loaves.


5. Quinoa

Quinoa is a family favorite. It is so versatile and quick to make and the fact that it is a complete protein – it’s perfect for our ‘Meatless Mondays’. Our favorite dish is quinoa with cranberries and almonds twirled into it but you can also offer it as a warm cereal with raisins and cinnamon on top!

So? Are you already enjoying some (or all) super foods in your cooking and baking?

Feel free to leave me a comment below as to how you’re already incorporating them or if you see yourself trying a few of them – I’d love to hear from you!



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