Our Anniversary! 3 years ago we got hitched in a DIY kinda wedding! I loved every bit of the planning and think we should get divorced and re-married so I can do it all over again! (Sadly he’s not game on that one :P)


So I am proud to say we have been married since October 23 2010! And now I must brag about our slightly DIY wedding.

I chose to be frugal and make a lot of our wedding items myself. From the favours to the decorations I had a little part in everything! Here are some of the little details from our wedding that were DIY.

Our colours were Black, white, grey and orange. It was fall time and I love the look of pumpkins. So I carved (or decorated) around 30 pumpkins with limited help from Chubbs…

Before Gutting

After Gutting

Some of the finished pumpkins

This is my living room before the wedding with everything ready to go:

 (You can also see in this picture the 3 tiered hat boxes that were created into a card box, the direction signs that were placed along the road and some of the flower arrangements that I made)

Here is my homemade seating chart. made using a foam board from the dollar store covered in batting and fabric with ribbons and buttons attached. I created the seating cards and stuck them in the ribbon. Ta-da!

The gifts we gave the guests are still present in many homes I have been in! Success! I wanted to give out something that people might actually use and these turned out perfect! I found the tiles on Kijiji for FREE! Some have different shades of scrapbook paper glued on with a swirly stamp. The others have a stamp on them using staz-on ink and I baked them as well to hopefully make them last. They have footties on the bottom and were tied with a ribbon. Thank you tags were added too! All for about 25 cents a favour… but shh do not tell our guests that I cheaped out.

As you walked in the hall this is what you saw. Some photos of us with our guest book handmade by my great Aunt Bunny. It was perfect!


I made programs with a word search and built in fanning function in case it was a hot day. Sadly It rained on my parade. But I was happy to do the wedding outside :p I was the only one. Here are my barely used and noticed programs:

And this is what Brendons brothers created at their table with the  pumpkin and programs:

It took us awhile to agree on table numbers I found many that I loved and decided on this idea. Using the table number we put a picture of each of us at the corresponding age. Most of the pictures are hideous but I still love it!

I decided to create some cootie catchers with random tidbits of info about us in them.

We added some candles to the tables with little cards asking for people to upload their pictures on our website and I can say I loved the way it all looked and came together. Here are some before and during table shots:

In the entrance to the hall we decided to honour some of the family members by lighting a candle in their honour, that would be watching from above. We hoped they had the best seats in the house!

Some little details from around the hall:

And of course the bathroom baskets that were looted from…and I have no pictures of them. Only the sign from the mens room which I LOVED.

I also decided I hated the idea of clinking glasses.. so if you wanted us to kiss you had to find a movie quote from around the hall and correctly guess the movie it was from. Here is one… can you guess it?


We even made our own wine with custom labels:

Our wedding cakes were made by the super talented “Ale’s Mom”. I asked for a strawberry shortcake and they were the best. I added a little bit of “us” by adding the decked out Mr. & Mrs. Potato head complete with vale, bouquet and earrings. Perfect and delish!

The after math of the cake:

To add to our wedding cake we opted to have a dessert and ice cream buffet. We both enjoy ice cream and loved the idea of doing something different… Here are some shots of our yummy ice cream buffet with the wedding party chowing down, and the baked goods taking over my counter and stove!

And there you have it… some of the diy things from my fall wedding!



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