My name is Jodi and I am a foodie. If you’ve been following me for any time at all, you already know that I love to take pictures of our dinners with Instagram and I absolutely adore grocery shopping. My pantry is filled with far too many mason jars of baking ingredients and my kitchen is my most favoritest place in the world ~ yes, even when it’s covered with dirty dishes or filled with kids begging for food. I’m also a holistic life coach, yoga instructor and mama to 4 kids whose ages range from 3-17. I really have my work cut out for me. Together with my husband Jim, we teach fitness classes (he teaches karate and I teach yoga) in our community and I recently committed to making my love of eating, cooking and teaching official by signing on with Eva Rawposa to become a Living Foods Chef and an ‘UnCooking 101’ workshop instructor.

My slight obsession with food began many years ago when I decided that it was time to lose ‘the freshman 15′ which, after having had 2 kids and it being nowhere near my 1st year of university, was more like ’45’ extra pounds. By finally taking control of my eating habits and lack of regular movement, I was able to lose almost 50 pounds and change the course of my life. I became a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor and my life’s passion turned to helping others in the areas of fitness and wellness. As the years passed I continued to train in a variety of holistic areas and hone my skills as an instructor and coach. Oh, and I also had 2 more kids and didn’t keep a pound of baby weight on afterwards! I’ve been vegetarian. I enjoyed this experience but I do love meat and I eat it in small quantities. I’ve eaten shark and tempeh and TVP. There’s really nothing I won’t try once. I’ve had workout routines that were exhausting and ridiculous. I now walk regularly with my husband and kids, do yoga and dabble with karate. This is what works for me. I’ve counted calories (yuck) and I’ve pushed the limits of what being ‘healthy’ means (this is code for ‘I developed a variety of very unhealthy eating habits in an effort to stay thin and fit). But, because I’ve lived this life, I’ve also been able to help countless women change their own lives by encouraging them to eat better and not count calories, take more time for themselves (self-nurturing and healing themselves with Reiki) and take better care of their families because they have the energy that they need to be creative, active and happy with their lifestyle choices. My journey continues. If you’d like to follow along and enjoy the many recipes, resources and freebies that I regularly share, please visit NEW! website here and sign up in my sidebar to get my posts by email AND you can also ‘like’ my Facebook page Balance, Rhythm and Joy, for even more family-centered links and up-to-the-minute information on classes and workshops that I’ll be teaching in our community very soon!



Together with my husband, Sensei Jim, and our 4 kids, we run London Wado Kai Karate Club in London, ON. We specialize in teaching adults and kids ages 4+ and we pride ourselves on smaller class sizes in order to give your child our full attention. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit NEW! Our Karate Classes will be every Thursday night at Oakridge Secondary School. We accept new students all year long! ---> We also offer health and holistic lifestyle coaching, online group cleanses and wellness programs for families. For more info on our workshops, visit

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