I realize more and more what an important role a Grandmother can have in the life of their grandchildren.  I have 7 wonderful grandchildren varying in age from 6 years old to 16.  Ever since they were born I  journal  special times that we have had together.  Now that they are at the age of reading, this is the first book that they pick up when they come to visit.  It is so affirming for them to read the joy that they bring to our lives.  Now that I am working with Welcome Wagon and presenting new mothers with community information and gifts, I can also affirm them in their role as a mother.



I am a grandmother of 7 wonderful grandchildren.  Since retiring from my college job 4 years ago I started working with Welcome wagon.  I visit new mothers and their babies as well as families who have moved into the area. Welcoming newcomers with community information and gifts from local businesses is a wonderful way to make people feel at home.  I also am an avid gardener and enjoy travelling with my husband.

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