‘For food to be digested in a timely manner, thus promoting energy, healthy complexion, strength, and longevity, it must not only be imbibed in proper measure, but also be of wholesome quality.’ ~ Charaka (Ayurveda Sage) From an Ayurvedic perspective, eating is so much more than just putting food in our mouths a few times a day. It is a spiritual act in itself ~ eating nourishes our bodies, it keeps our minds balanced and it is a practice in making the best choices for our selves and our planet (ahimsa). It is also how we connect with our friends and family. Food brings families together at dinnertime. Food encourages conversation with friends that we’ve missed. Food preparation is a relaxing and creative sadhana. Food heals, nourishes and strengthens us on all of our levels.


¬† Here are a few simple ways to develop a stronger connection with your food: * Choose whole fruit and veggies over juices – there’s less sugar and more fibre. * Ditch the iodized salt in favour of sea salt – your body will love the minerals in sea salt. * Avoid food that clearly contains preservatives or GMO’s – yuck! * Choose organic whenever you can. And when you’re able, support your local farmers – farm fresh can’t be beat! * Make eating seasonally more of a priority – hearty and earthy in the Winter and light and fresh in the Summer – it just makes sense. * Avoid using plastics, aluminum and teflon in your food prep – so many chemicals that do not need to transfer to your food. You don’t have to tackle all of these suggestions at once. Choose the one that resonated the most with you while you were reading the list. You know, the one that had your inner voice saying, ‘I could totally do that one!’. Like any undertaking, using small steps to achieve long-term success is the best way to get things accomplished. Go ahead. Pick one. Then come back and tell me how easy it was to make a change for the better.



Together with my husband, Sensei Jim, and our 4 kids, we run London Wado Kai Karate Club in London, ON. We specialize in teaching adults and kids ages 4+ and we pride ourselves on smaller class sizes in order to give your child our full attention. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit http://www.londonwadokai.blogspot.ca NEW! Our Karate Classes will be every Thursday night at Oakridge Secondary School. We accept new students all year long! ---> We also offer health and holistic lifestyle coaching, online group cleanses and wellness programs for families. For more info on our workshops, visit www.jodilebrun.com

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