On October 5th – The Good Health Walk will be held at Springbank Gardens. It is truly the only event of its kind. While there are walks and runs for great causes – none of them focus around creating awareness for the one thing we all value – HEALTH.

Most events are raising money for disease states or conditions – not a bad thing. But where’s the walk for heath?

Watch CEO of Life By Design and owner of Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio – Dr. Jamie Richards share the vision for The Good Health Walk and give you the details on how you can register. All proceeds go to local physical education programs with the hope that we can make “Health the New Normal.”

Watch Dr. Jamie


Dr. Jamie Richards

Committed to changing, transforming and saving lives through inspiration and action. Dr. Jamie Richards is a passionate and articulate speaker on Chiropractic, Performance and Potential. He is co-developer of Life By Design with locations worldwide and growing. Jamie is co-host of the weekly radio show and podcast “Life By Design,” co- creator of Life By Design Strength & Conditioning - West London CrossFit and serves hundreds of families life allowing chiropractic care each week. His purpose is to inspire "ONE MILLION FAMILIES WORLDWIDE" to live their Life By Design.

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