So I must admit… I have sold a bunch of my cloth diapers. I sold my Kushies, Bum Genuis, and my Omiaki. I hate touching microfiber, and my stuffing always led to a bunched up liner- so the pocket diapers had to go and I was not really sold on the other brands!

I recently purchased a few more diapers from lil helper and was given a great deal on my new stash. and guess what? They changed them! I hate change. It takes me a long time to get used to things but I must say this change was an awesome one! They have new prints and colours and some other fun new things!


In today’s world when a product becomes popular the changes we may see are not for the best. The cost goes up, the quality goes down and all in all the product and the company are not so great anymore. This one is a different story!

I was surprised to find out that the quality was even better. How do you take a great product and make it even greater? Goodness I had no idea it was possible but they did it!

I purchased:

-5 Cotton Diaper Shells- which now have an even softer material on the inside! (not currently listed on the website!)
& 5 Charcoal Bamboo snap-in inserts– which now are even softer and have an extra absorbing layer on the inside

DSC_0009 DSC_0010

My new softer cotton shell featured with the new thicker-more absorbing and softer charcoal bamboo inserts


3 of my new inserts (Left) beside 3 of my old ones so you can see how much thicker and fluffier they are


My new shells and inserts (left) with my old ones

I got some awesome freebies to try out- their new teal wipes (That we love as face cloths!) and their new and very improved Unbleached Cotton Liners- Much softer and thinner but still absorb great and dry much faster! (and some tea and candies all packed in some pretty tissue paper with a handwritten card!)


My old cotton inserts (left) with the new one (right) Hopefully you an see the difference in texture. (The old one is more of a woven thick texture where as the new one is smooth)


My old cloth wipe (left) with the 2 new ones (right)


They have also improved some of their other products that I did not order this time around… maybe next time… WARNING: CLOTH DIAPERING CAN BE ADDICTIVE!


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