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Lil helper all in two


Organic Bamboo about 23$

Charcoal Bamboo about 25$

Original Cotton about 20$

    1. Nice colours- some patterns- (may not be available now?)
    2. Snap in inserts stay put
    3. Easy to load and un-load inserts
    4. Inserts were not generic microfiber- cotton, organic bamboo and charcoal bamboo
    5. Small inserts for a small bum- small amp; big insert for a big bum
    6. Inserts were not bulky- and absorbed a lot
    7. Wash well
    8. Interchangeable liners

  1. Large snaps on the front of diapers in Cotton and Organic Cotton- easier to use than the small snaps on most diapers (sadly being discontinued 🙁 but I love this feature!)
  2. Only available in snaps- good some days, not on others
  3. Diapers dry quickly
  4. Look super cute on the Chubbster!

Charcoal bamboo-

  • Charcoal liner great for diaper rash and absorbs liquid so it feels dry on the skin also lets baby’s bum air out
  • Diaper is water proof but not 100% leak proof as I found out
  • Inserts dry super quick- outer shell dries in decent time.
  • Inside of diaper and inserts are grey! Not white! Hides stains! And pretty much stain resistant!

Organic Bamboo-

  • No leaks
  • Inside of diaper and inserts are white
  • Insert and shell dries pretty quick

Original Cotton-

  • No leaks
  • Inside of diaper and inserts are white
  • Insert dries in decent time shell dries super fast
  • Inserts are not super soft after many washes and air drying

Overall- my favourite to use!

Other upsides-

A Toronto-based company and run by two dads… I found that a little strange as my husband hates anything to do with diapers… but then again I guess they don’t have to touch my babies gross diapers! And they are aerospace engineers.

For every 3 diapers they sell, they donate one.

Great customer service. They answer their facebook messages very quickly and with a great sense of humour. These guys are funny!

Their website is hilarious and easy to use -with great photography!

They are 100% behind their product… get it… behind… diapers… okay… moving on.

The price is pretty good for the quality, free shipping on orders over 79$…

These would have to be my favourite. I love the Cotton shell mixed with the Charcoal Bamboo inserts. The cotton shells dry super fast and I can get away with just changing the inserts a few times saving on laundry.

And no… sadly I was not paid or bribed to write this review. It is all my own scrambled thoughts and opinions!


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