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Omaiki all in one?

about 25$

(mine is slightly stained… :S We need some sun!)

  1. Easy to use laundry tabs
  2. Easy to load inserts snapped in plus had one attached
  3. Soft interior
  4. Washed well
  5. Minimal leaks
  6. White interior- yet again…
  7. Not very bulky
  8. Took on odors easily… egh
  9. His little bum looked cute
  10. I did find some nice colours

Overall- I liked them when they did not stink. It led to having to wash them more… I also hate laundry. It’s a never ending cycle… get it? haha! As well when I went to purchase more I found their website difficult to figure out. I could not find an interior view of the diapers…


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