First of all, sorry for my absence on here. Life has been in one word, chaotic. Between work and Liam in that terrible two stage, my time has been very limited.

Since my last post, Liam turned 2. Hard to believe! We celebrated with a Thomas the Train themed birthday party of course. I wish I could say he enjoyed his party, but due to a lack of nap, he was too tired and upset to even openĀ  his gifts. We had lots of left over cake, which we made ourselves (3D Thomas and Percy) and Liam was not too happy with me eating his Thomas cake!!

In this year’s London NPRG I was given the opportunity to write a little blurb on what it was like for me to go back to work and breastfeed. My situation is a little different, since I work for myself, and I work from home. With that said, it means I had no Maternity leave, and was literally working as much as Liam would allow me to a week and half after welcoming him into this world. Breastfeeding was very important to both my husband and I. Not going to lie, I was scared I wouldn’t produce enough. But luckily that wasn’t the case for me, and I was producing more than enough initially. So much infact, I had to pump simply to reduce the pain it was causing!!

In the first few weeks, things were fine, I was able to breastfeed Liam as needed, but as time went on, I needed other family members to watch Liam if I was simply too busy to both work and watch a newborn. When Liam was away, every time he needed feeding, I would stop work, jump in my car and drive to wherever Liam was. After awhile, this got to be a pain. That’s when I thought what if I start pumping enough that I could put the milk in bottles and send the bottles with Liam to my mom when she was watching Liam. So I developed the habit of pumping immediately after I breastfed Liam. By doing this everyday, I was usually able to pump enough for the few feedings I would be away from the next day. I did this straight through until I stopped breastfeeding when Liam turned 1.

While I don’t miss the days of bottles (well somedays I do!) and the sterilization of everything, I know that the time and effort I put into making sure I was able to provide for Liam even when I couldn’t be there next to him, was worth it. Relax, get comfortable, and do the best you can do for your baby!


Lynnsey Gheysen-Murray

As a mother to an active toddler, and a small business owner, my life gets pretty crazy. OK, a lot crazy! Follow me through this blog, as I express my thoughts on life, parenting, and business.

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