We most recently made the trek to Ikea a few times to grab some much needed cheap items for out home. This big box Swedish store was surprisingly the best child-friendly store I have ever been at! (Even better than a toy store!)


What was so great? Well…


Throughout the store they had electronic booths at children’s heights with different activities they could play with.. A little bit old for my guy but the other children were loving them! They also had one in the restaurant! They also have child minding for children out of diapers with a ball pit and different activities. (I myself am a little leery of drop in childcare areas- just because you do not know the kids or the staff)

Food/ Eating-

Ikea has a wonderful restaurant! I was surprised that the food was actually pretty good! We dined there on 2 occasions and enjoyed a variety of cheap but delicious meals!

They offer:

-highchairs (no trays on them though!)

-a microwave area with complementary bibs, spoons, forks and knives

-a children’s menu

-extra plates and bowls

-a free jar of baby food with an adult meal

-a computer/electronic toy station

Nursing/ Changing-

The actually had a room specifically for nursing and changing. It was a decent size with a comfy chair, separate attached bathroom that was lower and child friendly, change table (with free diapers if your forgot yours), and a little table and chair set for the older children to sit at while you fix up the baby!


They have a decent amount of family and expectant mother parking spots around the front of the building. I personally prefer to park far from everyone and hike in to the store!

Shopping/ the store-

We found the aisles had plenty of space for maneuvering our shopping cart, and for our child to walk beside us (just not in the breakable aisle! I’m not allowed down them either…)


All in all I was rather impressed at how family and baby friendly shopping could really be there!


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