As I have been planning a new career start shortly my blogging has been lacking so I thought I would venture in to the world of re-blogging! (and I have some new ones to add when I get the time… I started my cloth diaper journey back in October 2012 and have reviewed a few different diapers and companies. Here is the re-blogged series from Enjoy! In my true cheapness I bought most of my Huggies and Pampers for very cheap using coupons and waiting for super awesome sales… In general, my rule was to not spend more than 10 cents a diaper. I accomplished buying enough diapers for baby number one and then realized there likely would be a baby number two… so panic… I should have bought more diapers! Sales have not been so great lately so I began researching cloth in order to save some disposables…   I decided to try out some brands of cloth diapers- fuzibuns, kushies, omaiki, bum genius, lil helper, and rump arounds… varying from all in ones, all in twos and pocket. I came to realize a few things and thought I would share my own experiences. Let me start by saying… I am no cloth diaper expert. Just a cheap girl on a mission to be smart with my money. That being said I have had experience with diapers (I worked in childcare for 6 years) and do know a little bit. 1. I am not a fan of diapers with covers. The covers to me are too plasticy and the whole processes involved me touching way too much disgustingness. Yes. that is not a word but I just made it one! 2. I do not use cloth diapers overnight. I find it too difficult to fit my pudgy kid in sleepers as it is, but cloth diapers bulk it up too much and make sleepers impossible. 3. I also do not generally use them out in public. I find it requires me to have a bigger diaper bag full of stuff, and if you have seen my purse I have enough to carry! – I have on occasion though. So in summary: I am a cheap woman who hates touching gross things.   Step one in our house was installing a beautiful laundry tub from homedepot. no it is not required… but we needed a new one and I think it is beautiful!   Step two was buying rubber gloves. gah.   Step three was buying onesie extenders…   Step four was making sure we had somewhere in the house to hang wet diapers… our banister and this awesome thing we got at Canadian Tire (no longer online?) that creates storage above your washer or drying. I use it as storage and a clothes line! Fancy! Debate number one- velcro or snaps?


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