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Fuzibunz, Rumparound, and Bum genius Pocket diapers-

Fuzibunz One size About 20$

Rump arounds about 15$

BumGenuis 4.0 about 22$

  1. hard to stuff huge microfiber liners in… some (Fuzibunz) were too rubbery on the inside which made it hard to stuff in.
  2. hard to make the insert lay flat in the pocket
  3. hard to remove wet inserts.. and sometimes gross.
  4. inserts were too long for the smallest setting creating a very bulky diaper on my little one and making wearing pants difficult. (The baby… not me)
  5. Inserts poked out the back in the smallest size setting
  6. inserts took a while to dry
  7. after many washes the inside of the diaper material was not so soft and fluffly.
  8. I HATE the feeling of microfiber on my hands
  9. Had a few leaks up the back from the pocket
  10. Somehow ended up with a shirt slightly tucked into the pocket causing a wet mess up the back
  11. They are all lined in white… I have yet to understand this… White shows too many stains and it’s not like you can bleach diapers. Needless to say in the Canadian winter there is little sun and thus little opportunity to sun out the stains… especially with explosive orange poop…
  12. His little bum did look cute in some of them
  13. Some did take on odors (bumgenuis & fuzibunz)
  14. The fabric on the inside became rough and not so soft on the Fuzibunz
  15. I did find some nice cute patterns and colours
  16. Found more girl prints then boys

Generally I (personally) just did not enjoy them and now own many that are used as backups for laundry day. But I would say I got more bang and enjoyment for my buck with the Rumparounds! I got mine at a baby show for 10$ and it for me was the best out of the 3.


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