Our little guy is acting less and less like a baby and slowly we are putting away and selling some of our baby items. Some are items that I will not get rid of because we loved them much!

Here are a few of our favourite baby items that we feel were well worth the money!

1. Car seat Blanket

Built in Car seat blanket

I made ours and it was well used! It was super easy to go out and wrap him up during the fall and winter months and he was always warm and toasty! (it was also easy to unwrap him a little if he was too warm! Much easier then a coat or big sweater!)

See Here for more info!

2. Car Seat cover

Car Seat cover

This one was also homemade and well worth it. It kept the wind, rain and snow off my little guy during trips out side. it also was great for keeping his car seat dark when he was sleeping and in the summer months I have used it to keep the sun off his car seat.

See HERE for more info!

3. The bumbo

55 Halloween 082

The bumbo we bought used for 20$ which was a steal! We have used it ALOT. I love it for a travel seat for eating at other family members houses- It’s easy to pack up and wash off. It was also great in the early months to sit him in it and be able to play in front of him- he loved the face to face interactions. (make sure yours has a seat belt!)

4. Playpen

I told myself and my husband we would never use one. I lied. The peace of mind the playpen brought me was priceless. He has been able to sleep in our room and this crazy mom has been able to peek in at him and easily get him out in the middle of the night. Our little guy moves a lot and every time we have put him in his crib he manages to get a limb stuck or hit a part of his body on a bar-the playpen feature mesh sides and padded corners!

playpen(we have no pictures of our little guy in the playpen… I refuse to try and take pictures of him sleeping because it takes me too much work to get him to sleep and I sure do not want to wake him back up!)

The playpen was and still is awesome. Now if only they made comfier mattresses for them….

And we intend on turning it into a ball pit once we are done with it!

5. Nursing Pillow

I opted to buy a nice BIG nursing pillow and I am thankful I did! I bought one used- washed it like crazy, took off the fabric, reformed it and recovered it. It has been perfect! It has saved my arms so instead of holding him up I can play with his hair or rub his back. We have used it for propping him up and getting him on his tummy for photos. He now loves climbing on it and jumping onto it…

018 071 - Copy - Copy (Oh and our cat seems to think the pillow is her throne.) 075 - Copy - Copy

6. Children’s Books

As someone who works with children I have an entire closet full of books. I have a love for early literacy and for fun colourful books. This really has come in handy. We read 2 books every night and generally a few throughout the day. We have repeated a few of the books but the selection and variety we have has entertained our little guy (and my husband) during story time. 🙂


7. Sleep sack

I debated on this purchase as to me it was a glorified EXPENSIVE snuggie. In the end I bought a few fleece ones second hand and won a beautiful multilayer one in a gift basket. Boy oh boy we loved them! Our little guy would kick off his blanket in minutes and then cry because he was cold and the cycle continued through out the night. The sleep sack allowed him to snuggle in and be nice and warm, but also allowed us to unzip it while he slept if we felt he might be too warm.





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