I racked my brain and Pinterest as to what to get 2 couples for housewarming gifts. They likely have most needed items after living together previously so it took me awhile to figure out what I could do.

My first though- what do we go through and use a lot in this house… Toilet paper. My husband felt that was tacky.

My second thought- what did we forget to get when we bought out house- a plunger. He felt that was kind of a “poopy” gift.

On to my third thought- towels.

So I decided to try making a towel cake. I decided on tea towels and dish cloths. I bought them in the states to save a few bucks.


My towel cake included: 6 Tea towels, 5 Dish towels, 2 wooden utensils, a dish soap, a hand soap, a sponge and was all centered around a bottle of Lysol wipes. I used mini hair elastics to hold the towels individually rolled and then wrapped a brown ribbon around the cake to hold it all together. I recommend finding a pretty plate or cake stand to hold it but I did not have time!

tttttttttttttt ttttttt  tttt

These are all things we use regularly in our home so we hope our gifts will be well loved and used in their new homes!

All in I made 2 towel cake gifts for about 25$.


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