As someone who works in education I understand the ups and downs and the stress that planning and implementing curriculum has on a person. I also know what the pay is like 😛 So My goal as a mom is to always be kind to those who help me or my child to learn. Their wisdom, time and help is priceless! Although I lack the funds to pay people what they truly deserve I do have a crafty side that will allow me to treat them to something special as a nice Thank You.

We just finished 2 weeks of swim lessons in an awesome heated outdoor pool with some awesome staff! I learned a lot about water safety and different floating and swimming techniques for my little guy.

I racked my brain trying to figure out what to get or make them… I debated on sunscreen, towels, baked good but was drawn to bubble gum… As a Thank you I left them a little present and I hope they like it 🙂

I used packs of gum cut in half and added on a custom label with my little guys picture on it! Add some tissue paper, ribbon, a “card” and bowl and for the cost of 3$ we have a cheap but cute gift!



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