Putting your child in childcare can be a big and sometimes scary step!  Are you trying to get your child into a centre close to your home, work or school? It is good to understand the process of signing your child up for centres, and also to make sure that the centre you choose is right for your family!

Within the last year the City of London and Middlesex County created a centralized point to putting your child on a wait list for child care for families in London and Middlesex.  It is one stop to signing your child up for every child care centre you are interested in!

What you can do to sign up for childcare:

1.  Look to see which child care centres might be right for your family (you can see the database of Child Care Centres in London and surrounding areas along with spaces available and age groups offered on familyinfo.ca)

2.  Go to the One List page and sign up for an account!

3. Once you have an account go through the application and fill it out for each of your children, adding each centre that you would like to consider.

4. The centre(s) that you have added on your application under your child’s profile will contact you when they have a space available for your child!

5. Once a childcare calls you with a space it is always a good idea to ask for a tour.  On the tour you can see the space your child will be in and be better equipped to decide if that it the right centre for your family.  Always feel free to ask questions about the routine of the childcare, sleep routines, menus, behaviour guidance and how they plan their curriculum.  Look at the art and pictures displayed on the walls as it will give you an idea of what kind of programming they are doing in the centre.

Although it can be a big step, it can also be exciting! It can be a great opportunity for your child to play with other children and to experience new things!





FamilyInfo.ca is a web portal for parents, caregivers and service providers that links information on programs, services and resources in the London and Middlesex area for children.  It is our goal to help parents, caregivers and professionals find the information they are looking for in an easy to use, friendly environment.  Our focus is on programs and services that are available. It is the first step in leading people through the process of finding the information they need.

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