I have recently been selling the things that we really do not need in my attempts to not be a hoarder! After a few months of selling things in a MOM2MOM group and on kijiji… I have kind of had enough of dealing with people. The no shows, the late comers, the no responses, the lowballers … I’ve seen them all!

So I decided to lug all of my stuff into the car and take it to Once Upon a Child. I went in with 5 large bags and a baby- and it was all new to me. I have shopped there before and got some good and some kind of good items but I find Value Village and Talize to be a better deal and easier to get around. (I will say that since they moved the store there is more room now)

This is what I learned-

How it works- you bring in your items and fill out a form with your info and a description of the bags or containers you brought in. I was told generally you have to give them an hour to go through it (mine was a 2-3 hour wait so we went home and came back).  They then go through it all and see what they think they can sell. A computer gives them a price for the item and they in turn pay you out 20-40% of what they will retail it for.

On average my clothing items got me 1$-3$ and my toys $0.50-3$. I sold 42ish items to them and made 67$. I went home with 3 bags. (not too bad)

When I asked how they choose items she showed me a tag that had a year it was manufactured, and said they buy newer clothes, with no stains, with name brands, in good condition. (a lot of mine were second hand to begin with so they were a bit older)

Now here was the catch in all of that- I had to ask to see what they took of mine and what price I was getting for each item. I was not too impressed with some of the amounts they were giving for some of my items.

Generally the brand new items I had with tags on them were not a good trade. A brand new shirt with tags from the Bay retailing for 19.99$ made me 1.02$ 🙁 I took it back. I brought in brand new sleepers that retail for 9$ each and was given 0.62$ for them. So I asked to take them back- I’ll re-gift them instead. A Brand new with tags 12 pack of Christmas socks that were bought for 10$ got me 1.30$.

Moral of the story:

-Ask to see what they are buying from you and what price they are giving you

-Refuse offers that are too low and take it home with you instead

-Don’t bring new items- sell them on Kijiji- You’ll get more

-Remember what you brought with you

-Cut out the tag with a manufactured date- Perhaps it will fool them to realize it does not matter how old the item is if it is in good condition! 😛

-Don’t buy it if you don’t really need it!


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