OH WOW. My first day back to work (again) is complete. It went well. I received a lot of questions about the scars I have, but surprisingly enough I didn’t break down. Everything…almost everything came back to me. It was like riding a bike…so routine. By my second last patient of the day, my hand and arm was exhausted but I pushed and finished and this morning I feel great! I am so relieved …as so many thoughts went through my head…will I work and then feel too sore to move the next day? will I be too tired and sore and not be able to work my entire shift? Thankfully everything seems to be alright. I am off today and work again tomorrow so Ill keep you updated. On a SAD SAD side note…my scrubs are tight! Since my accident in February I have gained 15 pounds. I am wanting to get back into my gym routine…we are just waiting to have a little bit more of an income. I’m not as happy as I could be when I’m carrying extra weight. I’ve struggled since our son was born to get rid of this weight and it’s just so difficult. The weight I have has re-distributed itself…it’s not in the same places I usually gain it. I’m struggling. I need some motivation and some suggestions.


On a side note, I saw a post on facebook this morning that irritated me. They had a photo of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian…both with baby bumps. They posed the question…”Whose bump do you prefer?” …I just feel its silly to compare completely different body types to one another…especially during pregnancy. Pregnancy is beautiful and everyone grows differently. ┬áRant done.


Mama to an amazing little man who graces the cover of New Parent Resource Guide 2012!

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