Oh boy oh boy. Back to work for this mama. Again. By “again”, you may be thinking this is my second or third baby and I am coming off of my maternity leave. This is not the case. I have one amazing little boy. He is 1.5 years old. Our only child. My husband and I moved back to London after living in Halifax for a few years. We wanted our son to be close to this grandparents. I left my full time job, knowing that moving here would mean beginning a job search all over again. It was worth it. After being home for one year and three months I finally found a job! Two, actually. I am a dental hygienist and finding work is quite difficult. I worked for not even a month and then the unimaginable happened. I picked up my son from his grandparents after my workday ended. It was 10pm. Our family had just adopted a 4.5 year old dog (jimmy) who had an abusive past. That night, Jimmy attacked me. My husband works outside of the province, so it was just my son and I home. After finally fighting the dog off of me, I was able to call 911. A week in the hospital, a surgery later, over 100 stitches, extensive nerve, muscle and tendon damage…I was released. my son and I lived with my parents from February until April. …our house was destroyed and being cared for by insurance. I wasn’t able to hold my son..not even a coffee cup. Since that release week….I have been at the hospital two times a week for physio and occupational therapy care. I have been cleared to work part time. I am starting today. I am nervous. I have scars. What will I tell people? Will I remember the routine? Will I know how to work the computer? Are people going to doubt my abilities now? Going back to work the first time was challenging enough…Part of me is excited to get into the “real world” again…get away from being the victim who cannot work. The other part of me is nervous. I couldn’t sleep last night. Wish me luck as I go back to work (again)!


Mama to an amazing little man who graces the cover of New Parent Resource Guide 2012!

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