Last week, not only did I get sick with that dreaded cold going around, but also Dave (my husband) and Liam (my baby) too. Of course on top of all that, I had a pile of work waiting for me on my desk that needed my attention.

With working from home, and a house full of sickies, it makes it even harder to get work done. Sure, I can take a couple of Cold & Sinus pills, and get some work done. But when your baby is sick, that’s a different story. In our home, our offices are in the basement. We have a door at the top of the stairs to keep Liam out, but we do have a kitty door in the door, so the cats can come up and down as they please. The way my desk is positioned, I can see right up the stairs. So as I was trying to get work done, there is Liam, opening the kitty door and sticking his head out crying for me. After all, when your sick, all you want is your mommy! So what is a mompreneur to do?

In the 19 months of being a mom, I have realized it is all about balance. Naturally for me, Monday – Friday 9-5, is work time! That is when my company Blackcat Concepts gets my attention. Then from 5 on, it’s mommy time. But when your child is sick, all rules and routines go out the window. For me, I am very routine based. To put my work on hold and tend to Liam while sick I know is the right thing to do, but I feel guilty having to delay client work because of it. I have come to learn this is what we call “Mothers Guilt”. I feel guilty working and not tending to Liam, but I also feel guilty taking care of Liam, and delaying client work. Oh boy!

So what I have come to learn is balance. Since I have the privilege of running my own business, I can set my hours. So if my baby needs me during the day, then when he’s sleeping at night, that might be when I have to get to that ever growing pile of work on my desk. This is very difficult – don’t get me wrong. If you like routines as much as I do, you will find this a challenge. But the important thing to remember is it can be done. You CAN work from home, AND take care of (sick) kids. Just don’t expect any “me” time while they are sick!! 🙂

Till next time!



Lynnsey Gheysen-Murray

As a mother to an active toddler, and a small business owner, my life gets pretty crazy. OK, a lot crazy! Follow me through this blog, as I express my thoughts on life, parenting, and business.

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