It was Calli’s (my 14 year-old) last hockey game this week…a busy year of ups and downs, and she was nervous and excited to play her last play-off game.


I decided to bring all the kids to watch as it was an early enough game and it wouldn’t delay bedtime too awful much.


We sat in the stands out with the other die-hard fans.  Myself, my 11 year-old daughter, and my twin 7 year-old boys, along with my mother-in-law.


We were all in great spirits, Calli’s team not winning, but they were doing really well compared to some games earlier in the year.


A few questionable calls by the referee really started to bother the mom beside us.  She dropped a few ‘sh’ bombs and started to get more and more upset as the game went on – our team not winning.


I started covering the boy’s ears when I heard her start up, but to no avail as they soon pointed out that they heard that lady next to us say the ‘sh’ word!


Really?  I thought.  Are you really not aware that young kids are sitting next to you?  Do you not see yourself as setting a hugely bad example and are now starting to embarrass your daughter on the ice?


What happens when parents get so worked up about their children’s sports?  Keep in mind that this was not a competitive team!


When she stood up, screaming at the ref and players from the other team, dropping a few ‘f’ bombs, ‘sh’ bombs and more…she was confronted by a mom on the other team…not, asking her to watch her language, but confronting her with the same language and defending her team.


We left and were thankful that the boys didn’t have to watch the confrontation.


It turned a great night out into an unfortunate experience and show of how parents act badly.  Such an embarrassing, classless act of disrespect for themselves, and others around them.


I used it as a teaching moment to talk about how some people never learned how to control their emotions and some tools we can use to help us be more aware of our surroundings and control ourselves when we get so mad that we don’t care about who hears or what we look like.


Later, I wondered if this is typical of every sport, if it just happens to parents who would act this way anyway, or if we have allowed this to go on for so long, that it is acceptable in some circumstances.  Have you seen this happen in other sports?  And what do you do about it?  Add your comments below.


Until next time,

Jennifer 🙂


Jennifer McCallum

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