I have never been one to write a holiday letter, recapping all the wonderful events of the past year; but this year is an exception, and a special year to celebrate.

Parent Guide has been growing since 2001 and it is because of your support and continued positive involvement that this business is still here today. I love what I do and look forward to each day, building upon what YOU helped start.

Whether you are a parent, client, health care professional, service provider, family, and/or friend, YOU had a big part in where we are today. I can’t begin to show enough gratitude for all you have done and do for us. I consider you all family and friends and I am honoured to work with you each and every day of the year.

Our business has always been about family and helping parents raise happy, healthy children, and we are not afraid to talk about key issues that affect parenting today, but, one thing I have not shared with you a lot in the past is personal information about our home life. We live in a 130 year-old restored house in the country…down a quiet road with fabulous neighbours! My office is at home, and it is nearly impossible to separate the two…and really, they shouldn’t be separated in my opinion. My family gives me strength to work hard and my work, well, is easy when you have a fabulous supportive family surrounding you.

I believe that my business would not have developed as it has without the love and guidance of my wonderful family.

In 2012, my husband, Pete, and I, decided it was time to expand our family. Our happy family of four was soon to turn into a busy house of six! Along with our daughters, Calli (14) and Rayna (11), Pete and I welcomed two boys to the family with open arms. Daniel and Derrick, 6 year-old twin boys, joined us in the spring and have blessed our house with the laughter and joy of little boys. We are still working on getting them to flush or better yet, just lift the seat when they go to the washroom but when it comes right down to it, they are perfect!

We have always wanted a big family and the Foster-to-Adopt program with Family & Children’s Services, seemed like the best way for us to help a family close by and hopefully bring the boys into our family officially. We will have to wait until the New Year to see if that will happen, but until then, we are going to enjoy each and every moment with these beautiful boys.

My husband plays hockey a few times a week…I am so proud of him, he actually runs a league at The Budweiser Gardens! He plays a lot of hockey…argh…just kidding honey, well, not really! I try and get out to play volleyball when I can and just recently I started boxing classes with Calli (not actually hitting each other, although she would like to once in a whileJ. (she’s my teenager!)

Our kids are busy too! Soccer and swimming in the summer for all. Calli and the boys play hockey in the winter – yes, I am a hockey mom! Rayna is busy with 4-H and Science Club (CAGIS), and is way too interested in boys for her age!!! (I think every parent says that at any age, right?) Rayna and I had an incredible time at the Justin Beiber concert in Toronto a few weeks ago – what a special time it was with her. My ears are still ringing from her screams! So much fun!

We eat most meals together even if it is on the way to the arena, play mini-sticks daily and giggle until someone falls off their chair. We also have serious discussions about life and love.

We have a super supportive network of family and friends who are always there when we need them. This makes life so much easier.

I can’t say that parenting, and now foster parenting, is always easy. I would never claim that it is all rainbows and unicorns…but I strongly believe that it helps to focus on the positive and embrace and recognize all the wonderful people in my life. Yes, that’s YOU!

The New Year is a time to reflect and move forward (hopefully with minimal credit card bills!) 2012 has been a year to remember; a year that I started sharing more of myself with you, in hopes that you do the same. I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you more in 2013. If you have time for a coffee, or even lunch, call me! I would love to get together with you in the New Year!

YOU made my business what it is today and I am thankful beyond thankful…is there a word for that? Grateful, appreciative, indebted…yes, all those words are just for YOU!

Thank you for all you do to support Parent Guide and if there is any way that I can support you, please let me know

Wishing you the best of the holidays filled with love, laughter and above all pure joy!

Warmly and Sincerely,

Jennifer 🙂

Jennifer McCallum
Parent Guide Inc.
(519) 645-7342


Jennifer McCallum

Thank you so much for stopping by this page to get to know a bit more about me and why I started Parent Guide Inc. My business story started a way back in 2001... …after the birth of my first daughter, I realized that an "all-in-one" resource guide for parents was needed, and fast! I designed the New Parent Resource Guide to fill a gap in the community for busy parents like myself. The New Parent Resource Guide offers an A-Z of key contacts for parents, caregivers, service providers, and health care professionals.  Working with key businesses and organizations in the community, we have also compiled much-needed articles, tips, and charts to answer all your parenting questions. The latest addition to our family is the School Age Resource Guide to serve parents of children, 3 to 18 years!  This guide answers questions about: nutrition, bullying, curriculum, building self-esteem, and much more, as well as offering a full directory of local and national resources. The Parentguide.ca website offers an “all-in-one” spot for parents to connect, add their own blog, and find needed resources in their community.  It is a site that educates and entertains and if you can't find somthing just ASK me. I am here to serve YOU!  My hope is that you connect with our members, find comfort in their words, and share your own story. My goal is to see what I can do to help make life a bit easier for you.   You are why I do what I do! I can’t wait to get to know you!  Comment below to tell me about yourself – then start blogging so we can find out what makes you get up in the morning!  Check out my blog too and I am sure you will be surprised what gets me out of bed each day!!! Jennifer -  Mom and Publisher

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