How did my kids ‘go-to’ activity go from playing outside to playing on their new iPod Touch?  As a parent of a tween and teen, I am concerned that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I have no problem encouraging the use of new technology – I think the kids need to know how to use it…but, when is enough, enough?

Setting limits

Our kids are still pretty young so we set a few ground rules when it comes to the iPod Touch use.  

1.  No iPods at school!  Period.  If they take them to school they lose them for at least 3 days.  

2.  After school the kids are not allowed to use their iPods until they have all their homework done, chores done, assisted with dinner and dishes and cleaned their room.  I spoke to one family recently that take the iPods away from Monday-Thursday.  The only exception to this rule is if they are using the ipods for homework…which my 13 year old has done and received bonus marks for using technology.  

3.  No iPods in their room at bedtime!  Too tempting to have access at all hours!

4.  The kids can only buy new apps if they are approved by mom and dad. 

5.  We have set restictions on their individual iPods.  Follow these links to do the same:

Understanding Restrictions

Using Parental Controls on iTunes

What does your family do to control iPod,iPad, or Computer use?  Share with us on Facebook and see what other parents are doing.  


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