The Question:

My baby is 3 months old and cries a lot. Why might this be happening and what can I do to minimize it?


The Answer:
All babies cry and maybe your baby cries more than others, but here are some important things to remember. It’s normal for babies to start crying more after the first couple of weeks and gradually increase until around the second month.


After that, crying tends to decrease as the baby gets older. Your baby may not stop crying regardless of what you try and some crying babies may look like they are in pain even when they are not. It’s a good idea to check in with your doctor to rule out anything physical.


When you have checked that your baby is not tired, hungry or in need of a change, try singing or giving a warm bath. Try movement – a stroller ride, rocking, a car ride or use a carrier as you move about. Change the baby’s position by carrying baby with her tummy along the length of your arm. Introduce soft music, a ticking clock, running water, wind chimes or whisper softly in her ear in a darkened room. Nurturing touches can also be useful like, hugging, massaging, stroking or trying skin-to-skin contact.


If your baby cries harder or doesn’t respond to everything you’ve tried and you are feeling frustrated, put the baby in a safe place like her crib, take a few minutes to walk away, calm down then go back and check on your baby. Never shake or hurt a baby. Remember, its normal for some babies to cry as much as 5 hours and longer, often in the afternoon and evening.

Some helpful websites: www.don’ (colic & crying) and  (search colic & crying)


Thank you to: Mary Ann Avey, Childreach, Parent Educator


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