The Question:

My daugther is 5 and a half and she still pees in her pants often enough…should I be worried and how do I handle it. I get really mad and frustrated but I don’t want her to feel that frustration. Wondering if this is a medical condition I should look into?

The Answer:
Thank you for your inquiry. No doubt you have concerns as well as frustrations! I have been in this position before with my own step-daughter and I know how delicate the matter is.
I think it would not be unreasonable to see your family doctor and perhaps have a urine test done to be sure that there are no indications of a urinary tract infection that could be causing urinary frequency. That test is as simple as having her pee in the bottle — not too traumatic for a little one.
If there are no indications of infection, then I would suggest seeking a consultation with a homeopath. In the case of my own daughter, she simply was too busy to take the time to use the toilet. Once we sought homeopathic care for her, it became more of a priority for her to use the bathroom on time.
All it takes sometimes is a realigning of the system to allow the child to fully recognize the need to move a bit quicker towards the toilet! Having said all of that, there can be deeper issues at hand that influence a child’s toileting practices and seeking a full consultation with a health care professional such as a homeopath or family physician who will talk to her and address her emotional as well as physical needs will no doubt improve the situation. Good luck and thanks for asking!

Compliments of: Rebecca Liston, HD
Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine


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