You may start to introduce solid foods at six months of age when your baby shows signs of being ready. Offer your baby foods rich in iron, such as iron fortified infant cereal, meat and meat alternatives.

Signs your baby is ready for solids:
• Controls head well
• Closes lips over spoon
• Sits in a high chair
• Swallows food in mouth
• Opens mouth for food

Tips for Introducing Solid Foods

• Keep infants seated upright when food is served.
• Introduce new foods one at a time, 3-5 days apart.
• Offer a small amount (5-15mL) of food at first.
• When feeding solid foods, you decide what to offer and when to offer it. Your baby will let you know if she wants to eat it or not and how much she wants.
• Don’t force a baby to eat a new food. If a food is refused, try again another day.
• When immediate family members have allergies, talk to your doctor about introducing new foods. You may be advised to delay the introduction of some foods.


Introducing texture into your baby’s diet should be gradual. Slowly increase the texture from pureed, to thicker puree to soft mashed food. At 8-12 months babies are generally able to manage small pieces of soft food without difficulty. Even if your baby has few or no teeth they can learn how to chew. Over time, increase the lumpiness of the foods. Meals that have a small amount of one family food and plenty of mashed baby foods are a good way to start.


For a complete guide to feeding your baby, contact your local health unit.

For more information call EatRight

Ontario: 1-877-510-5102 or


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